Health In The Fast Lane

Nowadays, everything happens faster. With technology advancing and flourishing each year that passes by, we are made to catch up and pick up our paces so as not to get left behind. Everyday, we go through a flurry of motions, always hurrying to get by and do things in the shortest span of time.

With all the hurrying we do, it is of no surprise at all to us that a lot of people become afflicted with disorders. Plagued by stress, fatigue, and emotional conflicts, there are people who begin to seek the kind of euphoria that their everyday life just cannot bring. Thus, they turn to alcohol, or even drugs.

Studies have shown that alcohol and drugs can bring about not just momentary pleasure, but could also affect brain functions. Due to this, a lot of people get addicted after just a few times of taking the substance. Sometimes, this leads to more than just substance abuse. It can create psychological disorders in a person as well, or worse, it could lead to dual diagnosis.

Dual diagnosis, the instance of having co-occurring disorders, happens when a person has both a psychological problem, and a substance abuse disorder. This could be caused by an excess intake of drugs or alcohol that eventually took its toll upon the individual’s thinking and feeling processes. It could also be that the person’s psychological problem pushed him into being drug or alcohol dependent.

However, there are still steps that individuals can take to prevent disorders such as dual diagnosis from occurring. One only has to focus on the good things in life so as not to get stressed too much. Staying away from alcohol and drugs and keeping a positive view of life will help one in staying healthy amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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