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As part of any attempt to define Health 2.0 as a term, it is natural to attempt to define what companies fit this definition. This is obviously very preliminary, far from comprehensive, and far from accurate as the definition is still being worked out. We look forward to your contribution, particularly around the categorization of the various Health 2.0 companies.

SUPPLEMENTAL DEFINITION: Companies who use enabling Web 2.0 technologies, within the context of current healthcare reform environment, to aggregate information, analyze data, and advise consumers on how to make rational healthcare decisions based on value (outcomes/price) - April 30, 2007

Editor's note: time to break this into separate pages?


Health Portals/Health Content

  • =MedNet=
    • 684,707
    • Online community for Dutch physicians
    • First Dutch online community that enables Dutch physicians to share knowlegde and contact collegues
    • Description

Health Portals/Health Content



  • Alexa Rank =
  • Pitch: Connect with your relatives to record and track an accurate and up-to-date family health history. Find out which health conditions run in your family.
  • Buzz: "Know your family health history"
  • Description: Family health history is an established method of stratifying individual health risks and a good basis for offering personalised health care. Our service uses the latest web-based technologies to make it easy to gather, organise and analyse family health history information. This will not only empower patients, but also help doctors to use family health history more effectively in clinical practice. Review:


  • Pitch: The Gateway to all your healthcare decisions. India's most comprehensive healthcare portal, offering information about Doctors, Hospitals, Blood Banks, Organ Banks, Disability Help Organisations - searchable by name , address, speciality, facility. Alongwith community features like a patient forum, blog and chat.
  • Buzz: "The Gateway to all your healthcare decisions"
  • Description: Ask4healthcare offers the latest treatment information alongwith discount offers from healthcare providers for the benefit of individual patients alongwith India's most comprehensive database of clinical researchers and ongoing clinical research


  • Alexa Rank = 27,837
  • Pitch: Connect with Doctors online, Have a Live Chat with Doctors/Speak with Doctors over the phone/Fix appointment with Doctors if you have any health/medical/fitness problem or query.
  • Buzz: "Redefining Healthcare - Live Chat with Doctors/Speak with Doctors over the phone/Fix appointment with Doctors"
  • Description: HealthcareMagic is a Web 2.0 Platform where it connects users to relevant Healthcare Information. HealthcareMagic is the world's first portal allowing a live interaction between doctors and patients over Internet and phone, allowing integrated comparison shopping for health related products and services. HealthcareMagic enables patients, families and friends to share their experiences with a healthcare provider like doctors and hospitals, to research and purchase health care products and services with the same ease and transparency as shopping for other products online.

Blog: Review:

Revolution Health

  • Alexa rank = 12,755
  • Pitch:
  • Buzz:
  • Description: I've written extensively about RevolutionHealth previously. I've had my doubts, but I have to say that this site is the only major 2.0 site out there. Among other things, They are really trying to create the world's largest healthcare-related virtual community,- sort of healthcare's version of Facebook or LinkedIn. You can rate doctors/hospitals/treatments, you can create a blog or comment on someone else's, you can invite others as "friends," and you can start any health conversation. As much as I have criticized this site, I'm still excited about the potential. If they can find that "magic" that made YouTube, MySpace, and Facebook so popular, how great would this be - the only place you'd need to go for your healthcare information & community needs. (update: read NYT's article on RevolutionHealth from 4/16/07 - thanks Bob)


  • Alexa rank = 1,617
  • Pitch:Premium healthcare information aggregator
  • Buzz: "Better information - Better health"
  • Description: WebMD is probably the most comprehensive health resource for everyday consumers as well as physicians, nurses, and educators. Like several other sites on this list, it's not a "pure" 2.0 website. Nonetheless, the blogging community and chat forums are very active. Go to their type 2 diabetes forum, and you'll probably find 2 or 3 conversations that have started in just the last hour. When I have a health problem, webmd is one of the 1st places I turn to - to find out whether or not I should go see my doc and to understand how to self-treat. I especially like the section on what to ask your doctor if you have certain conditions.


  • Alexa rank = 20,794
  • Pitch: Get solutions for all your Health and Beauty queries from Experts and Women just like you.
  • Buzz: "India's Largest Beauty Network"
  • Description: StyleCraze is India's largest beauty network with over 3500 expert articles and tips on Beauty, Makeup, Hair care and Health & Wellness. Apart from articles, you can browse through over 120 network blogs from India's most well known beauty bloggers.


  • Alexa Rank = 395.000
  • Pitch: Consumer health content
  • Buzz: "Solutions for better health decisions"
  • Description:


  • Pitch: The easy, online way to remember medications, provide long-distance care, and improve health.
  • Buzz: "The best way to take control of your health, or the health care of someone you love."
  • Description: RememberItNow! is a simple to use online health service that sends text reminders to help patients take the right medication, at the right time, in the right dose. The service includes a private care community which connects patients with family, caregivers, and health care providers. And several health tools that simplify health care management.
  • Product:
  • Video:
  • Review:,2817,2352487,00.asp

Healthcare Communities

Health World Web

  • Alexa Rank =
  • Pitch: Where YOUR health is YOUR choice
  • Buzz: "Health World Web is a social networking tool that allows you to take charge of your health."
  • Description:

Daily Strength

  • Alexa Rank = 40,125
  • Pitch: Online patient community
  • Buzz: "Comprehensive health network of people sharing their advice, treatment experiences, and support"
  • Description:

Psych Central

  • Alexa rank = 56,914
  • Pitch: Mental health-oriented original content + rich community
  • Buzz: The oldest & largest mental health social network
  • Description: An established site featuring original (not licensed from others) mental health information and daily news on every mental health concern, this site runs two popular communities (Psych Central and NeuroTalk) which feature forums, user blogs, medication + treatment user reviews, photo + video sharing, and finding "others like you" based upon the mental health concerns chosen. Self-funded and profitable since its founding in 1995, the company is based north of Boston. While not as "Web 2.0"-ey as some others, it's been focused on user's needs since day one and is headed by a psychologist/technologist.


  • Alexa Rank = 143,378
  • Pitch: Online patient communities
  • Buzz: "Together We're better"
  • Description:Inspire creates online health communities in conjunction with leading media, health association, and health care partners. These communities provide supportive environments patients, their family members, friends and caregivers to discuss issues and share experiences with one another in a safe and secure environment. Inspire partners with health focused organizations such as the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, National Organization of Rare Disorders (NORD), Lung Cancer Alliance, WomenHeart, ALS Association, US News & World Report, Discovery Health and Preemie Magazine for example.

  • Pitch: Health information and communities for international markets
  • Buzz: Together we're healthier
  • Description: has high quality health information, a powerful Q&A platform for health topics, and online support groups. supports users in Spanish, Portguese (for Brazil), and English (for India)

Patients Like Me

  • Alexa Rank = 196,503
  • Pitch: Online patient community
  • Buzz: "Meet patients just like you, and learn more about your disease"
  • Description:As the site name suggests, this is a "pure" 2.0 website whereby patients going through the same disease can find each other, mutually share progress, and collectively discover the best answer to questions as a community. Maybe most importantly, patients can track outcomes. Currently, the site is only activated for patients with ALS, MS, Parkinson's, and HIV, but I suspect that they will expand as these first 4 communities become impactful. See FierceHealthcare's write-up on them as well.

  • Alexa Rank = 238,996
  • Pitch: Social Network for Diabetics
  • Buzz: "A community for people touched by diabetes"
  • Description: The goal of is to provide members with a space where they can freely exchange ideas and information and network with other people touched by diabetes in a comfortable and fun environment. has members from all over the world (mainly North America, Australia, United Kingdom and India) and a sister community ( for Spanish-only speaking people from Latin America, Spain and the United States.

  • Alexa Rank = 7,052,555
  • Pitch: Syndicom SpineConnect is the leading collaborative knowledge network for spine surgeons to collaborate on difficult and unusual cases.
  • Buzz:
  • Description:


  • Alexa Rank = 267,676
  • Pitch: Online physician communities
  • Buzz: "Know First"
  • Description:

  • Alexa Rank = 292,972
  • Pitch: Social network and search engine for prescription drug consumers
  • Buzz: "Search safely."
  • launched in January 2007 as a specialized search engine enabling consumers to safely search for low-cost drugs from Canadian and other international pharmacies. In February 2008, the site expanded its mission with the launch of the Community, a social network for prescription drug consumers.


  • Pitch: Helping Healthcare Professionals develop business networks, build knowledge, and engage in purposeful productive relationships.
  • Buzz: "Get in touch. Stay in touch. Make every interaction count."
  • Description: TimedRight is in beta. It's claim to fame? - Users can specify professional roles, and this customizes user content and interactions to support members in their interactions. TimedRight helps members with business relations engage in stronger, more productive relationships.

Organized Wisdom

  • Alexa Rank = 512,000
  • Pitch: Human guided, doctor-reviewed search service for health
  • Buzz: "Curating the Web to organize the world's best expert and user-generated health resources."
  • Description: OrganizedWisdom® is the first human-powered, doctor-guided search service for health.

Because OrganizedWisdom is powered by a team of expert search guides and doctor reviewers, not just machines, the service weeds out the clutter, redundant links and index spam typically found in search engines. The service makes it easy to find the most useful resources on WisdomCards™, which include links to the very best expert-created and user-generated health content for the most popular health search terms.

OrganizedWisdom is based in New York City and was founded in early 2006 by seasoned Internet entrepreneurs Steven Krein and Unity Stoakes who have worked together since 1997 on several successful companies. OrganizedWisdom helped ignite the Health 2.0 revolution with the launch of the first health-focused social network and became the first company to set out to use a team of health guides and doctor-reviewers to organize the world’s best health wisdom across the Web. Today, OrganizedWisdom continues to bring innovation to the healthcare space by leveraging social media and the power of collaboration to improve the quality of health search.


  • Pitch:Online Support Groups
  • Buzz: People Helping People
  • Description:MDJunction is a social network, a center for online support groups. Each support group offers many ways of interacting and sharing knowledge with others who are dealing with the same health challenges, it’s a place to be around people who are in your spot and understand you.


  • Alexa Rank = 1,283,067
  • Pitch: Healthcare blog aggregator
  • Buzz: "Network of premium health blogs"
  • Description:


  • Alexa Rank = 1,634, 518
  • Pitch:Social health application connecting like-minded people to improve health journeys
  • Buzz: Dedicated to helping individuals with chronic health conditions better navigate the health system
  • Description:Wellocities is a Canadian site focused on individuals with chronic conditions. The site has been built with input from patients, health professionals and technology veterans in an attempt to support Canadians an d their health system. Its goal is to allow individuals to search for health information and health services, connect with like-minded people and track their health progress.


  • Alexa Rank = 744,359
  • Pitch:Walking wellness community that revolves around the Omron USB Pedometer to track their steps.
  • Buzz: 10,000 steps to lose weight, feel younger and live longer.
  • Description:WalkingSpree focuses on providing a healthy lifestyle USB pedometer program to individuals as well as schools and corporations that is simple, economical, and more convenient than mainstream health clubs or diet plans. Members can automatically track their steps online, compete against each other, add walking buddies, blog their progress, participate in the forums and support each other in a fun and effective walking environment.


  • Pitch: Unprecedented healthcare advocacy and world class education delivered to people in the richest circumstances imaginable.
  • Buzz: A free framework for "developing community" around pregnancy and neonatal issues, as well as hundreds of chronic illnesses.
  • Description: CareFlash lets people establish private online communities around a loved one, to share updates, facilitate communications and well-wishes, educate people as to the circumstances at hand, and engage involvement where help is needed. Driven by the disorders that underlie each community, we deliver world-class 3-D animations that explain not only the disorder at hand but associated topics including surgeries, therapies and anatomy. They are narrated in plain English, Spanish and Arabic and encompass hundreds of topics ranging from pregnancy and neonatal issues to cancer, cardiovascular, ears/eyes, neurological, genetic, bladder/kidney, digestive/mouth, endocrine, blood/immune, respiratory, orthopedic, skin/cosmetic and others. We also offer Public Forums, some of which are being moderated by M. D. Anderson's Children's Cancer Hospital as well as OpMom and numerous others. And CareFlash is free to users, advocacy groups, congregations, healthcare institutions, etc. Please visit us via Facebook.


  • Alexa Rank = 233,981
  • Pitch: Trusera is an online health network where you can find and share real-world experiences.
  • Buzz: "Take control of your health by finding and sharing information and insight with others who’ve been there."


  • Pitch: Medting is a website for doctors to share medical images, videos and clinical cases
  • Buzz: "Medical Exchange"
  • Description: Free to use, Medting is a website for doctors to share medical content, discuss around a clinical case. Medting can be used privately for telemedicine processes. Organizations that may want to have their own Medting space can get a Medting Enterprise License.


  • Pitch: CureTogether helps people anonymously track and compare health data, to better understand their bodies, make more informed treatment decisions and contribute data to research.
  • Buzz: "Open Source Health Research"
  • Description: Over 280 crowdsourced conditions and 6500 symptoms and treatments added by members. See where you fit, what you might have, what treatments might work for you. Track whatever measures you like about your health. Completely private, aggregate statistics freely available, contribute data to finding cures.

  • Pitch: is a website designed to connect people to others who share their medical experiences and conditions. Members are matched to others with similar medical conditions, allergies, medications, treatment facilities, etc. Membership is 100% free. Member identity is protected by user-generated user names.
  • Buzz:"FacetoFace Health is an online health network where you can find other people and share real-world health experiences."

Health Advisory Services


  • Alexa Rank = 23,215
  • Pitch:
  • Buzz:
  • Description:

Health Dialog

  • Alexa Rank =
  • Pitch:
  • Buzz:
  • Description:

Subimo (part of WebMD)

  • Alexa Rank =
  • Pitch:Know more. Choose well. Feel better.
  • Buzz:Purchased for $60M by WebMD.
  • Description:Focus on providing quality information about providers to insurance companies and consumers.

Health World Web

  • Alexa Rank = 3,000,000+
  • Pitch:Your health is your choice
  • Buzz:
  • Description:Focus on providing quality information about health care professionals, including background information, education,

board certification, years of experience, ratings and reviews.


  • Alexa rank =
  • Pitch: Health 2.0 Information Social Network
  • Buzz: Health News and Stories publication system based on social participationt, multilingual and pure Web 2.0
  • Description: Health 2.0 Information Social Network ( is a Web 2.0 Health Information and news interchange and publication tool for Health professionals. The objective is to provide information about Healthcare relevant stories that users found around the internet. wishes to establish a social web (web 2.0) about Healthcare on different health interests groups (management, technology, public health, medical research, etc.), where there is a lot of knowledgement, news and interesting projects but mostly of them are dispersed all around. is NOT a scientific magazine or publication; it’s simply a self generation content platform based on news and founds on the internet related to Healthcare. It’s an internet site that allows moving news that will be reviewed by all the community and rest of users and will be, or not, promoted to main page. When a user send a new or story, this will remain in a pendent queue until it gets enough votes (or prescriptions) to be moved to the home page.


  • Alexa Rank =
  • Pitch: Health Care At Your Fingertips
  • Buzz: Health 2.0 reports and community. Users help shape the reports and information.
  • Description:Source for reports and information on United States health care providers. They currently provide free detailed reports on dialysis centers, drug & alcohol rehab centers, home care agencies, and details on every community (state, county, city, zip code) in the U.S. The information contained on each health provider comes from dozens of separate government and commercial sources along with information directly from the user base. In addition to providing information and reports, users are encouraged to join the community, share opinions, post about their experiences, and discuss important health issues.


  • Alexa Rank = 28530
  • "For English Translation
  • Pitch: Help HC professionals to discover the possibilities of internet and Social media as focus, just like patients do and thus accelerate the use of it.
  • Buzz: "Health20 use in combination with scientific literature about Emergency Care"
  • Description: DUTCH with Google Translation in different languages, initiated by Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, Nijmegen The Netherlands

Healthcare Enablers


  • Pitch: Find local doctors and medical services
  • Buzz: "The 2.0 directory of physicians nationwide"
  • Description: Xoova is the actionable step beyond the simple phrase "see your doctor" that you'll find on most sites that provide health information. This directory of thousands of enhanced profiles detailing each doctor's expertise and interests aims to be the most popular, trafficked site for doctors to communicate directly to patients. Today doctors can do this by updating their own profiles, offering forms for download, and adding online appointment scheduling...for free. Soon Xoova will incorporate the consumer voice in moderated testimonials, along with physician to physician referrals.


  • Pitch: Web 2.0 knowledgebase to publish, collaborate, link, and search any data.
  • Buzz: A Jumper knowledgebase unites the domains of translational research and clinical investigation in a way that fundamentally alters our understanding of information sharing.
  • Description: Jumper is an innovative research tool and information technology based on Web 2.0 principles of direct end-user participation. It enables a truly inter-disciplinary information engine that captures new knowledge, unique insights, the depths of experience and shares these at the front-lines of patient care. It delivers broad access to data, direct feedback, and detailed notes and annotations that capture and share direct, first-hand knowledge. Jumper can help your organization create a uniquely transformative, novel, and contributory approach for Clinical and Translational research.

Habit Care

  • Pitch: Change the habits to drive health outcomes.
  • Buzz: Habit change is the biggest lever in healthcare value.
  • Description: Habit Care is a complete system to help people learn good habits and unlearn bad ones. Habit Care deals with the four barriers to change: lack of motivation, underlying mental health issues, lack of an action plan, and lack of support and accountability. Habit Care is based on 4 proven approaches to behavioral change, being The Transtheoretical Model (TTM), Aggressive Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental Health Issues, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Coaching. Habit Care uses the web and phone-based social worker coaches to help people change habits – Medication adherence, Diet, Exercise, Sleep, Tobacco, Alcohol, Illicit substances, Managing stress & anxiety, Preventing depression, Time management and Self-care (eg, wound care, stretches, etc.).

Healthcare Financial Services

First Horizon Msaver

  • Alexa Rank = 3,142,973
  • Pitch: Health care financial services
  • Buzz: Health Savings Account solutions for individuals and employers.
  • Description:

Health Equity

  • Alexa Rank = 2,485,000
  • Pitch: Health and financial advisory services
  • Buzz: "Integrated Consumer Driven Healthcare Platform"
  • Description:


  • Alexa Rank = 496,792
  • Pitch: Manage, track, and compare medical bills
  • Buzz: "A new way to handle medical bills"
  • Description:


  • Alexa Rank =
  • Pitch:
  • Buzz:
  • Description:

Extend Health (Revolution portfolio company)

  • Alexa Rank =
  • Pitch: Defined contribution employee health benefits
  • Buzz: Innovative solutions for business to regain control of health expenses.
  • Description:

Personal Health Records


  • Alexa Rank =
  • Pitch: Innovative Personal Health Record that enables cross-border healthcare
  • Buzz: Manage your global healthcare
  • Description: anoigma means openness in Greek.

anoigma's innovative solutions have been designed with a user-centric approach for cross-border healthcare which values recognised by patients themselves, doctors, emergency departments, retail clinics,experts in EHR standards and Insurers are accuracy, interactivity and simplicity.

  • Alexa Rank = 868320
  • Pitch: The first anonymous Personal Health Record
  • Buzz: Technology for Health
  • Description: Keyose offers a efficient, free, multilingual and most importantly anonymous Personal Health Record. Anonymous PHR provides the higher levels of privacy and security of data worldwide.


  • Alexa Rank = 86013,3752299
  • Pitch: Empowering Consumers To Make Informed Health Care Choices
  • Buzz: Technology for Health
  • Description: ICW America is a leading international e-health technology provider offering Web-based health information solutions. We help consumers and healthcare organizations integrate information systems create a user-friendly and practical personal healthrecord. We differentiate ourselves by offering modular, open standards interface applications that can be tailored to meet organizational requirements and by aligning ourselves with government initiatives to build a connected electronic personal health record system. Offerings include:
    • LifeSensor (Personal Health Record, Disease Management Tools, Health and Wellness Tools).
    • ICW ProfessionalGate (Enterprise Master Patient Index, Virtual Medical Record).

  • Alexa Rank = 555,216
  • Pitch: Simple Blood Sugar Tracking for Online Diabetes Management
  • Buzz: Web 2.0 Blood Sugar Management for Diabetics. Multiple input methods along with social network integration.
  • Description: SugarStats makes it simple to track, monitor and share your blood sugar levels and other key statistics to help you manage your diabetes online.


  • Alexa Rank =
  • Pitch:
  • Buzz:
  • Description:


  • Alexa Rank =
  • Pitch:
  • Buzz:
  • Description:

Tolven Health

  • Alexa Rank =
  • Pitch:
  • Buzz:
  • Description:

Medic Drive

  • Alexa Rank =
  • Pitch: Personal Health Management
  • Buzz:
  • Description:


  • Alexa Rank =
  • Pitch: Organize, access and Send to any doctor, your family's health history.
  • Buzz: Say goodbye to clipboards and forms. Say hello to, the fast, simple and secure way to get your personal health records directly into your doctor’s hands.
  • Description: is an online, patient-controlled personal health record management system designed to consolidate medical information in one convenient and secure location for easy retrieval and updates. Subscribers are provided the convenience of seamlessly transferring their individual medical information, as well as that of their family members and anyone that they care for, onto the physician’s specific medical forms, reducing the need to complete repetitive medical paperwork.


  • Alexa Rank =
  • Pitch: A Platform to share and translate anonymously your medical record
  • Buzz: Share & Translate your health
  • Description: First personal health record using SNOMED. Useful to share and translate in several languages your care record. Also teleconsultation, patient-doctor, can be stablished as a dialog. The platform is being used for Medical Tourism.

Comparative Health Sites


  • Alexa Rank = 109,311
  • Pitch: Consumer Health Care Reporting
  • Buzz: "Internet destination where users can gain objective, authoritative, and comprehensive health shopping-comparative data"
  • Description: Vimo is the nation’s first integrated comparison-shopping portal for healthcare products and services. Vimo brings together a variety of private and public data sources, and proprietary search technology, so that shoppers can find a physician and compare hospital prices for medical procedures, review various insurance plans, and see community reviews on products or services avaialable. MyVimo is a new service that enables users to have automatic information feeds regarding their favorite physicians, plans, and reviews, news, or other updates.


  • Alexa Rank = 60,631
  • Pitch:
  • Buzz:
  • Description: As the title suggests, rate doctors and see how others did before you. As of today, there are almost 240,000 ratings on 88,000 physicians. Not bad, considering there are ~300,000 physicians in the US. With 1,000+ new ratings each day, this site is starting to get to that critical mass of users where it becomes the unchallenged leader in the space. Nonetheless, I wish they could make it a little more visually appealing.


  • Alexa Rank =
  • Pitch: "Expedia" for retail health/wellness appointments
  • Buzz: "Billed as "transparent health choices" and I'd say it delivers just that: transparency when choosing a healthcare provider"
  • Description: HealthShoppr helps consumers find the best-fit healthcare provider and book appointments with them, starting in the wellness space. Bringing deep information about each provider, including price, availability, service offerings, experience, and approach to care--HealthShoppr creates transparent healthcare choices and opens up the long tail for health services. Starting in massage therapy and fitness, HealthShoppr gives consumers the information they need to find the highest value services to meet their needs and situation.

Representative Consumer Empowered Tools

DNA Direct

  • Alexa Rank =
  • Pitch: Value added genetic testing services
  • Buzz: "Genetic Testing Center of Excellence"
  • Description:

Intelecare Compliance Solutions

  • Pitch: A healthcare technology company focused on enhancing patient medical adherence.
  • Buzz: "Medical Adherence is America's Biggest Drug Problem, but it need not be. Sometimes a reminder is all it takes."
  • Description: Intelecare is a healthcare technology company focused on enhancing patient medical adherence with our proprietary messaging platform that sends patient and caregiver created reminders via email, text and voice messaging. User can choose the type of reminders (daily medication, prescription refill, doctor's appointment and vital stat monitoring), time and method of delivery (email, SMS, voice messaging or a combination). Intelecare employs this platform on their website and licenses their technology to industry as a hosted or enterprise adherence solution. Intelecare works with pharmaceutical companies, health plans, employers, providers, pharmacies and Health 2.0 companies to provide members and patients with medical adherence solutions.


  • Alexa Rank =
  • Pitch: Consumer directed laboratory services
  • Buzz: "Patient Directed Laboratory Testing at 1/2 the price"
  • Description:


  • Alexa Rank =
  • Pitch: My Health my Lab and yours
  • Buzz: "Lab Test Comparison Tools for Consumers with a Free Online Lab Information Delivery System for Labs"
  • Description: An online Lab information delivery system geared towards helping consumers track the sample that consumers submit to the labs for lab testing. Can consumers track the sample? Does the lab allow consumers to track their samples and what test is being presently carried out on their samples in the lab. It is a sample that the consumer has given to the lab. Consumers should be in a position to track their own samples. Labs can use the free online lab information delivery system to manage basic workflows within the lab.

InforMed Centers

  • Alexa Rank =
  • Pitch: Easy as 1 2 3.
  • Buzz: "America's Premier Health Screening Network"
  • Description: The work is dedicated to increase people's awareness in health maintaining behaviors and in making health screenings easily, affordably and rapidly available. According to its founder Dr. Giovanni A. Pupillo this is because: A) the world has entered the information age and people want to gain access to those information about themselves which were strictly limited to medical charts and obscured by medical language; B) a drop of blood represents for people a direct, first hand knowledge of how changing behaviors and life styles could significantly affect their health; C) preventive health practices have to do not with what it is that needs to be fixed but with what it is not and requires one to be a vigilant, honest and astute observer of his/her body messages and behavior.

Giovanni A. Pupillo, M.D. Founder 1986


  • Alexa Rank =
  • Pitch: Save Your Health, Money, and Even Life
  • Buzz: "Drug risk management for individuals"
  • Description:Provides multi-dimensional information of drug-drug interactions and adverse side effects for brand name, generic, OTC, and biotech drugs

Uncategorized/Under Review


  • Alexa Rank =
  • Pitch: Health management software for providers.
  • Buzz:
  • Description:

  • Alexa Rank =
  • Pitch:
  • Buzz:
  • Description:

medical wikis

  • Alexa Rank =
  • Pitch:
  • Buzz:
  • Description:

  • Alexa Rank =
  • Pitch:
  • Buzz:
  • Description:

  • Alexa Rank =
  • Pitch:
  • Buzz:
  • Description:


  • Alexa Rank = 11
  • Pitch:
  • Buzz:
  • Description:


  • Alexa Rank = 18,175
  • Pitch:
  • Buzz:
  • Description:

American Cancer Society Message Boards

  • Alexa Rank = 18,809
  • Pitch:
  • Buzz:
  • Description:

American Diabetes Association Message Boards

  • Alexa Rank = 33,270
  • Pitch:
  • Buzz:
  • Description:

Yahoo Health & Welness Groups

  • Alexa Rank =
  • Pitch:
  • Buzz:
  • Description:


  • Alexa Rank = 6,223
  • Pitch: Healthline’s mission is to empower consumers to make better health decisions.
  • Buzz: Recently launched a personalized search / PHR application with Aetna
  • Description: The company has created a Medically Guided Search technology that powers a suite of intelligent health search, navigation and content services. Healthline reaches more than 18 million consumers a month through the consumer-facing website, and their partner network, which now consists of more than 30 health portals, publishers, employee and provider health sites, including Aetna, AARP, Time Inc's, iVillage and

  • Alexa Rank = ==DoubleCheckMD==
  • Pitch: Personalized Drug and Symptom Interaction Checker
  • Buzz:
  • Description: a powerful, first-ever, online medical solution that uses "natural language" search technology, empowering users to quickly and easily find accurate information on drug interactions and reactions. covers all over-the-counter and many herbal remedies as well as prescription drugs.
  • Science Roll Description: Very intriguing company that starts to smell like a "web 3.0" site - personalized, understandable, medical advice that utilizes "natural language recognition tools." Translation: type in everyday medical questions, and it'll spit out advice. The first application will be "DoubleCheckMD Drugs," which will deliver personalized medication evaluation for symptoms and drug interactions. This one is another one I picked up on from FierceHea*lthcare's list of top health IT innovators.


  • Alexa Rank = n/a
  • Pitch:
  • Buzz:
  • Description: At this intriguing little site, you can input your flu-like symptoms and see if others are having similar symptoms. Right now, there are only 1,000 "sicknesses" in current view. Considering this site only started in Feb/Mar 2007 and coverage it's already received, I'm hopeful that WhoIsSick will one day be a great resource for communities, hospitals, and healthcare providers.


  • Alexa Rank = 346,750
  • Pitch: Community Powered Search Engine
  • Buzz: 3rd Generation Healthcare
  • Description: iMedix is a community powered health search engine, enabling consumers to easily find, contribute and share information with other people. Members of the iMedix community assist each other by sharing their experiences and ranking medical content in order to make health information personal, organized and accessible to any individual.


  • Alexa Rank =
  • Pitch: Personalized Health Search Engine
  • Buzz:
  • Description: Healia is a consumer health search engine for finding high quality and personalized health information on the Web. It uses proprietary algorithms and methods for evaluating the quality of Web content, for categorizing Web pages and enabling personalized searching.


  • Alexa Rank = < 1000000
  • Pitch: Human edited health search, trusted and reliable. Search doctors, hospitals in India.
  • Buzz: Revamped website. Alexa rank is improving exponentially which means more people visiting the site.
  • Description: meraMD is a health portal providing health search, citywise listing of doctors, hospitals, pathological labs and chemists in India. It is human edited and the meraMD team scans all websites to get you the best information available, so that you dont have to waste your time going through spam sites.


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  • Pitch: Personalized Medical Search
  • Buzz:
  • Description: MEDgle is a personalized medical search engine. MEDgle was conceived to enable an equal and fruitful discussion between physicians and patients with the search results being the starting point for such a discussion.


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  • Pitch: Report, Rewarded. Check, Informed
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  • Description: Provides effective evidence-based medicine: unbiased, up-to-date adverse side effects, efficacy, and off-label uses reported by physicians.


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  • Pitch: Connect with your relatives to record and track an accurate and up-to-date family health history. Find out which health conditions run in your family.
  • Buzz: "Know your family health history"
  • Description: Family health history is an established method of stratifying individual health risks and a good basis for offering personalised health care. Our service uses the latest web-based technologies to make it easy to gather, organise and analyse family health history information. This will not only empower patients, but also help doctors to use family health history more effectively in clinical practice.


  • Alexa Rank = 640,137
  • Pitch: Building a bridge between e-patients and web-savvy doctors.
  • Buzz: "Webicina is a privately held company aiming to build a bridge between physicians and e-patients. Webicina provides services that help medical professionals and patients enter the web 2.0 era. It helps physicians and patients enter the web 2.0 era with personalized medical web 2.0 guidance collections, step-by-step tutorials, webinars and online image building solutions. Webicina was designed to help physicians from all the medical specialties and patients with any kind of medical conditions get closer to the web 2.0 based world.